Updater didn´t funktion


I´ve searching in this forum but I didn’t find any thread with my Problem.
The Comodo Firewall ask me sometimes for update I answer any time “yes” but it don’t do it.
If I do manually the update (updater) the software take a download an after the download comes nothing! No question for reboot or so.
My Version is:
In the Comodo Firewall, the application allowed all.
For a test I’ve set the secure level to “allow all” but it looks like the same.
Can anyone help me?
Sorry for my English, I hope you understand it.

Many Thanks

I am not sure why you are having this problem but it may have something to do with your running quite an old version of CPF.

Perhaps you could try uninstalling this old version and installing the latest version which can be downloaded from the Comodo website. A pain, I know, but it may solve your problem and give you much improved protection.


Many Thanks,

it seems that solves the problem. (:CLP)

Excellent, I am glad your problem is fixed.