Updater Bug

I was hoping that with the release of Comodo firewall version 5.3, the updater bug would be solved but guess I was wrong. I am constantly notified at least 3-4 times per week with the updater icon that keeps showing up in the notification area and asking me to update. When I proceed to click the updater icon nothing happens and when I try to update from the Comodo interface I sometimes get Error: 0x80072efd or Comodo would say its already up to date. This happens on all my three systems running windows 7(32-bit). When is this bug going to be fixed ??

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Sorry, I can’t be bothered re-formatting my first post. I will probably just wait for next update to release, I am sure the developers are aware of this bug.

It’s not a bug. The updater tray icon shows just that CIS is checking if there is an update of the product. When it finds one, you’ll receive a balloon message telling you to update. You can ask in the whishlist that the update tray icon doesn’t appear anymore during the check.

Thanks for the reply and conforming its not a bug, I will request for the icon not to appear every time Comodo checks for an update in the wishlist.