Updater 1.2.30701.2 generating .tmp files


I’ve installed and configured “Comodo Updater 1.2.30701.2”, and got it working successful. But…

It has generated MANY Gigabytes of .tmp files in C:\windows\temp\ folder filling
my hard drive. They are clearly copies of the .cav and .dll files eg " tmp83b.tmp "
There seems to be a bug in the update engine.

In “settings”, I’ve set Refresh to 3600 seconds, to reduce the bandwidth.
I will reduce it further (to possibly 3 days) though I’m not sure the maximum

Updater still creates many .tmp files every time it connects to the
http://download.comodo.com/ internet update server. These files are not
deleted, even so, I do not want to unnecessarily download updates I already
have, every time Updater triggers an scheduled update.

Please can soneone make a suggestion!


Replay to my own post with solution!

Out of the box, Updater is configured to update every 300 seconds and set to “Automatically detect remote folders from client requests” Updater still goes away and trys to download everything including obsolete updates. Setting “Remote Folders” to JUST "av/updates50 and inis600 and inis1001 only, prevents unnecessary downloads and stops the tmp files. This needs fixing, as it will cost Comodo dearly on bandwidth.

It appears to me that if obsolete software updates are enabled, when updater fails to obtain the updates, it downloads everything, and then leaves masses of data as tmp files, until the drive is full (10 gigabytes in my case).

Keep up the great work! How about paid subscription support (Geek Buddy offering seems a little obtuse). CIS 50 seems mature and a great product, over CIS 30 of 18 months ago!