How do I block it with comodo, Please? I am new to comodo. That ad drives me nuts. Thanks for helping.

I told you how to block it. Look at my other post. Your better off switching to Avast.
You can add that file to your D+. When did you install Avira?

Do you block it when the little white window pops up over the comodo icon in the system tray Is there a block option on that little white window? I’ve had d/l issues with firefox and avast hence the switch to comodo.

Your really confusing me. Comodo is a firewall. Avast is a virus scan and Firefox is a browser. What exactly are you seeing? Have you always seen this ad? What little white window? Are you sure you don’t have spyware? What does the ad say?

I am positive no spyware. You are the one that said comodo can block it and I asked you how do I accomplish that as I am new to comodo? I appreciate your help. The ad is something different every day. Just advertisement of some sort.

I am pretty sure I do not get an alert from comodo when or before the ad pops up.

I never said Comodo can block spyware. I said it can block the ad if you know what the file it is that creates the ad. You originally came in here saying Comodo is updating everyday and giving you a pop up. Well Comodo doesn’t do that. So what are you seeing? Did you always have this problem? Did the ad start after you installed Avira? I cannot help you if you are not clear on what the ad is. You say you don’t have spyware but when is the last time you scanned for something? Take a snap shot of the ad. You also said something about “vdf,gz”. Where are you seeing this ad? Are you browsing at the time?

Ok, Lets start a new. when avira updates it’s file definaition (*****.“vdf.gz” not sure what the *** said) it spits out an advertisement of something different every day. It pops out in a seperate window. You then responded that comodo can block it and I asked you how I would do this? How do I block the ad?

I also use adaware to check for spyware every Tuesday and then on friday I use spybot S&D.

Well now we are getting somewhere. That ad is normal cause your using the free version of Avira. But you also said when you used Avast you got that message. I dont use any programs that cause nag screens. If you look around in here and Google it you can find how to block the ad. Keep in mind Avira isnt the same as Avira Premium. Also the files download alot slower. Just uninstall Avira and switch to the new Avast like alot of us have in here.


I use to use avast but I had to stop using it because when I use firefox as my browser and I try to download something, I would have problems so I switched over to avira and I no longer have any download problems. I hope that makes sense to you.

Well Avast doesn’t effect my downloads and never has. Even version 4.7. Avast doesn’t block your downloads. So you can live with the Avira nag screen or switch to Avast. I also use Firefox.

Avira does not have a web shield like Avast. Avira free is not as protective as Avira Premium or Avast. If you were trying to download something that could potentially be a virus Avast would stop that download but Avira would let you download it. When you tried to execute the file then Avira would kick in.

Same here, Avast has no conflicts with any downloads via Firefox, Opera or IE7.

Perhaps a reinstall of Avast may cure the problem?