Hi, I have CFP and notice that something gets updated on a daily basis unless there is nothing to update. What is actually updating? I use all default settings.


This is the same as your other post. No need to make 2 of the same problem. When are you seeing these updates? Do you see an update box and it shows file transfers? I have been using Comodo for along time now and I never see updates.

Yes, it actually says something was updated. It gets downloaded then it is updated.

Are you sure your not getting confused with auto file submission and automatic online look up for unrecognized files?

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It very well could be. It just does something the same time every day. It usually happens at 4:54 PM. every day.

Well pay attention to what it is. Did you try submitting files? Go to Miscellaneous\ Submit Suspicious Files and delete whats in there.

Well pay attention to what it is. I plan on it. Did you try submitting files? no Go to Miscellaneous\ Submit Suspicious Files and delete whats in there. it’s empty.

If your using D+ in clean pc mode do you have any pending files? Try unchecking what I showed you in that screen shot. Also un check the bottom one.

I never tried this until now and there is a bunch of stuff in there now. Do I select all and then delete? I will uncheck what you suggested.

Yes select all then click purge. After that then click remove. Your better off putting D+ in train with safe mode like the firewall is.

How do I put D+ in train with safe mode?

When you open up the GUI (Comodo main interface) you will see your D+ on the bottom. It should say “clean pc mode”. Simply click on that and move the slider to “train with safe mode” and click apply.

I see D+ setting on the bottom as you say but ththere is no slider bar to view.

Click where it says “clean pc mode”. It should be a blue link.

I was looing for the slider on bottom not on the side but I have since did so task is complete as per your request.

Anything else needed to be done? Again, your help is much appreciated.

Ok, I caught the end of the file name and it ended in “vdf.gz” and it said 1 file has successfully updated. It also had done this the past 2 days at 7:11PM instead of 4:54 PM. I forgot to mention it also causes a window to pop open every day with some sort of advertising.

What the heck happens during this process?

Thats not Comodo. Thats spyware. You infected my boy. What AV are you using? Download SuperAntiSpyware free and run ans can. Also download Spybot Search and Destroy. As soon as you said Advertisement it clicked. Where did you download Comodo from? Upload that file here.


Wait …are you uisng Avira antivirus free edition? That maybe a part of it. I am wrong. It would help if I had a better understanding of what you are talking about. See here.


Yes, Is that where that comes from?

Yes…the add should say so. Its an upgrade add telling you to upgrade to Avira Premium and not keep using the free version. If you want to stop seeing that ad then when Comodo gives you an alert about it then click block so you wont see it anymore. You can also use Avast Home anti virus which is fully free.