updated to v3, asked for password on my .cbu

I just finished doing a backup with v2.2 and checked for updates to CB… got the new v3 and installed it.

If I try and do an Incremental > Choose existing backup > From My Computer and choose my v2.2 cbu file it asks me for a password.

I don’t remember making a password on the .cbu and none of my usual passwords that I can remember seem to work.

I saw on another thread that if CB can’t read a backup file it assumes it’s encrypted and prompts for password - could that be what’s happening here? Does that mean CB 3.0 can’t read CB 2.2 .cbu files?

Or it just can’t use them as a base for new Incremental backups?

If the backup was splitted in multiple backup files, please make sure they are all in the same directory.
Then go to Restore TAB, select the backup and then click next to see if it still asks for password.

CB 2.2 files&dirs backups can’t be used as base for new backups, but it shouldn’t ask for password.
Please try to open the backup in Restore TAB.

If password is still being asked, please backup the backup file using split size to 1 MB (in backup step 3).
Then email me the first split of the new backup for analysis.