Updated to 33 and now runs like a 56k modem attached

I updated after skipping about 3 of them, and I’m sorry I did, Dragon now runs like I’m using a 56k modem instead of 50Mbps cable. It’s jerky and things load so slowly I get frustrated waiting.

NOT a happy camper >:( . I’ve shut down all extensions but ones I use every day, didn’t help, removed the new junk they added to this version I guess, no help. Started a support ticket, was sent here… that didn’t help me yet…

I use CD for Farmville as it doesn’t flash crash as much as Chrome does, and just forget the other browsers, can’t dump the stupid ads like I can with AdBlock on Chrome.

Hi lonewolfafghans:
I found that Dragon 33 generally runs generally better than before. I think you are referring to the topic below: Choppy or Jerky Flash Video [Merged]. It annoys me too! Please make sure to read WHEN TO POST HERE… above before posting.
p.s. Please also refer to Dragon 33 - Flash Player issues workaround! (if you like).

Hi and welcome lonewolfafghans,
Can you please give us some site examples that you are having issues with?
When you say you removed junk, are you referring to extensions or some other portion of CD?
AdBlock will function in Dragon the same as it does in Chrome.


captainsticks, it’s most every site, Pogo.com, speakeasy speed test says I’m running what I should, but the video that comes along with it lags way behind or never loads. Farmville runs sort of ok, but I notice a lag time on some things and it doesn’t load quite as fast as it was, zoo world loads and runs slow.

I don’t do much beyond that on the net anymore, and the things I do beyond those don’t do much with flash

Hi lonewolfafghans,
There have been some recent issues with the current Dragon and Adobes Flash.
Thanks for posting the sites, I was able to replicate the issue.
I have noticed considering speed increase on the sites you have posted using Chrome’s PepperFlash.
There is a workaround posted in the link below, other than that let us hope a future update solves the issue with the Adobe Flash plugin sooner rather than later.
Dragon 33 - Flash Player issues workaround!

Kind regards.

Hello everyone!
I’m a newbie to this forum. I’m living in Germany and English is not my mother’s tongue.
I’ve got the same problem like the thread opener. CD V33 works like an old man on my computer. I’ve first noticed it when I got problems with every HTTPS site. Everytime there is a runout. When I start CD the first two or three minutes everything works fine. I can catch everything. But by the time CD gets more and more slowly, even with normal websites.
I don’t know where to search. I’ve asked the support and they sent me to this forum.
What I discovered, the problem seems to happen on newer Chrome versions only. Meanwhile I’ve tested Google Chrome, Opera and Iron, both latest version. I’ve got Lunascape on my pc, too. When I’m running it on webkit mode, everything works fine the whole time. Lunascape is using an older version of Chrome. It gives back a 535.3 in my logfiles. CD gives back a 537.36.
So, can anyone help me to fix this, please?

Yours Sabine698