updated to 2.4 and now system won't go into standby or hibernate

I just updated to 2.4 from 2.3 and all is going OK except now my system will not go into standby or hibernate mode when it is idle as I have set it to do.

I’m running windows xp home, and standby and hibernate always worked fine before. This leads me to think that Comodo 2.4 is doing something that prevents my system from being sufficiently idle to move into these modes. I’ve allowed all the relevant applications, so what could it be.

Any help greatly appreciated.

What? This is a unique problem.

Look at it this way, I don’t like to waste power so I really want my computer to go into standby when idle. CPFP is preventing this and I will uninstall this program if somebody can’t offer me a fix for this. Standby worked fine in 2.3, so the problem has got to be something to do with the update to 2.4.