updated to 17.304 but still ..."update available"?

Hi Guys,

I updated from .16.295 to .17.304.
All went smooth… restarted 2 times as necessary…
Then even asked a Q in concerning new format conversion in
and got an answer
…Clicked on update… "update to .17.304 available ???

Any ideas?

My regards

Checked after Reboot… v 17.304 → update to 17.304 available ??? …Hmm… so, what we do ???

Confirmed, exactly the same scenario here. I just unchecked the automatic update box under “settings”.

I answered my own Q by impatiently pressing Update button.
Got an immediate and short message “Update installed…”
Well,… I new that :SMLR

Hi Woodsman,
I think you may try what I did and check the auto- back (:WIN)

I get a “no updates available” in Vista. :slight_smile: