Updated, then asked to "Migrate to new Interface (?)

This morning I was told there was an update for Comodo. I downloaded it, and I now have

When I rebooted some time later, a message popped telling me that I should “migrate to a new something” and that this was recommended. The message did not in any way identify where it was coming from, so I said no, as at this stage Comodo was not yet active in the reboot cycle, and I was concerned that I was being “had” . Then immediately afterward, Comodo showed up in the system tray, and I realised that it was probably Comodo that had been asking.

Is this indeed a Comodo popup?

What is the significance of what I was asked (I am sorry I cannot remember all the wording)? I tried rebooting again to see if I could get a better read, but I have not been asked again.

If it is significant, how can I migrate as suggested?

I feel that this popup should identify itself a lot better. It seems to assume that I would reboot straight away, and would not be bothered by it, but iut caught by surprise. Where do I make that suggestion?

Thanks for any help


Basically what the the New Update Entails is a change in Format of the way the Security Policies are Laid Out (in Both Firewall and Defence+) … Now if you choose to use the new format you loose all your Previous Custom settings and any Lists like safe Lists etc that you have already configured in the older versions. now since the new format is different… you Can Not import the Old Style configs Either, so if you Want to Go with the New Format( which is what the message asks You) be prepared to do Over all your customized settings Manually … if not You can choose to stick with the old Format of security policies… (which you already did by choosing No)… :THNK

Thanks (not so) mindlessmissy! :slight_smile:

I guess the only question then is:

Having hardly used Comodo (I have had it for maybe two weeks) I do not have many setups. But the programme has “learned” a lot for itself, and asked me many questions about other programmes. So I assume they would have to be gone through again?

What is the advantage of going to the new format, and what dangers / gotchas if I don’t?

If there is any reason to change to the new format, how can I do it?


Well as for Me I Immediately chose to Use the New Format when the Prompt came up at restart so all i had to do was re-configure my previous Important Custom settings Like Utorrent etc. (which i had previously documented on Paper)… all the other settings will eventually be filled in by alerts and replies from me…
For someone who chose No at the prompt (eg. you), i have No Idea how to convert to the new Format… Personally i see no Major difference between the two layouts except some new factory implemented rules and the placement of New rules is a little bit different in the policies tabs…
I hope Comodo will provide more Info about This… However if anybody was able to switch over after previously declining i will love to know How… :THNK

Thanks for that.

Probably by reinstalling.l… >:(