Updated software getting blocked?

Okay, so basically.

I installed Comodo a couple of days ago.

Yesterday (or the day before) Firefox updated to 2.0.11 (or whatever the update was). Firefox would work beforehand, but after the update, I just get a “Firefox can not find the server at ___” errors, regardless of what web site I try, and instant failing (not timing out).

Okay, so that didn’t bother me, I decided I’d just use Safari until it was fixed.

About 60 minutes ago I upgraded my Windows Live Messenger, now that’s “locked” much like Firefox is. I’ve deleted rules left, right and center. I’ve even disabled Defense+ entirely (and had to restart my system). Still locked out of the two programs.

I’m worried that if I have to update anything else, that will get locked out too. Comodo is beginning to not be worth the trouble.

Any help is very appreciated, thanks!


I did a system restore to get MSN working again, but I’m not going to bother with Firefox for the time being. I’d at least like input, so I know whether to:

a) Wait for a fix, or

b) Uninstall COMODO

Hi irtrav

I had a firefox fiasco as well when I updated to 11. I just deleted all entries of Firefox in my Defense+ → computer security policy, as well as all the entries of Firefox in Firewall → network security policy. I rebooted (I think this is an important step) and then started Firefox again clicking on the first popup Browser or trusted application. This worked like a charm for me. It hasn’t caused a moment of trouble since.

If you haven’t tried this, then I hope you do. If you have tried already then post back - maybe someone can help you further.


Hi John,

I’ve done what you said (removing the rules in both defense+ and firewall), restarted and loaded Firefox.

I’m still getting the same errors. I didnt’ get asked to allow Firefox to do anything, except to access the monitor.

Thanks for your help.