Updated GUI design by me...

Current CIS GUI design (i marked the points of inconsistency):

And this is design that i reconstructed:

Now compare both images. Defense+ is now nicely alligned with Antivirus part and network stats are alligned nicely with firewall. I also fixed number of in/out connections that were slightly off before (now both numbers are centered to green and red arrow).

I’ve also verified the look of GUI when only antivirus or only firewall is installed and the GUI remains consistent between modes.
Looks much better doesn’t it? I hope this will be updated soon in CIS itself. Shouldn’t require much work but makes quite a difference.

erm… I can’t tell the difference…

Then it’s time to get yourself a pair of glasses… i even marked on image with red circles…

Hi RejZoR

Perhaps you should consider joining the “Usability Study” group. This group are actively working on CIS’ GUI redesign now… it sort of renders your topic a bit obsolete I’m afraid.

Looks good. :slight_smile:
System Status and Proactive Defense should switch places… :THNK

not to be negative but i like the original better…from a design standpoint the original is more natural and therefore more efficient…i am a designer so i know. (:NRD)

I would go with Rejzors version :slight_smile:

Personally, I prefer the original layout too :). I would also like to see “System Status” and “Proactive Defense” switched (as JoWa stated). I think “Proactive Defense” should appear at the bottom below “Network Defense” as this matches with the grouping above.


System Status should remain where it is (on top). It’s the most important basic status report which has to be on a visible spot with a decent space dedicated to this “feature”.

Natural, maybe. But each field with different size looks totally unprofessional and like it was done by someone without any feeling for aesthetics. Nothing against original GUI designers though… it just looks awful.

I’m not aware of any such group, so this doesn’t make anything obsolete… it’s rather dissapointing if this group hasn’t pointed out this already…

+1 for the suggested GUI. It looks more organised. The fields sorta click together now.

System Status could be on top, to the right? Then the three Defenses (Proactive, Virus, Network) are displayed the same way. That was my idea. :wink:

Not really, the things you have pointed out simply do not exist in the latest designs I’ve seen. But, please feel free to continue (it was only a suggestion). :slight_smile:

Look at the left side column and the right side one. Now connect them together and you’ll see that fields on both sides are actually connected horizontally.

System Status - Highlights
Virus Defense - Proactive Defense
Network Defense - Traffic

Thats why it makes sense to allign them properly like i suggested. They remain properly placed even if you use only antivirus or only firewall.

I was thinking of something like
Proactive Defense — System Status
Virus Denfense — Traffic
Network Defense — Higlights

Proactive Defense needs more space. Is Highligts needed at all?

Thread about the Highlights zone here :


If you look at your placement, well it doesn’t make any sense at all. Highlights are there so i can’t do anything about it. Unless they plan to remove it. Why exactly does Proactive Defense need more space? It’s all nicely placed in that field.

COMODO is designing a totally new GUI, that will be both aesthetical and user friendly. :wink:

Few examples we’ve seen look great ! :stuck_out_tongue: And we have also have users like Whoop-Dee-Doo and others who come with really nice ideas :-TU

The Proactive Defense box is very tight, while Virus Defense and Network Defense have lots of empty space, and so does System Status. I want the Defenses equally treated. :wink:

Stop telling secrets!!! you and KAIL have ruined a possible great surprise >:( >:( >:( (:AGY)

Hope we get to see it soon. The present UI is nothing but a poor rip from tornado5’s Luna Element VS.