Updated from CIS 4 to 5 and Resources taken 95% by cmdagent

I am a total novice at this, and not a very tech. type person.

I have used Comodo CIS for a long time, and no problems until
i updated from Version 4 to 5.

I am running XP SP3 with Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10

cmdagent showed 95% of Resources taken up by cmdagent,
causing all sorts of pc problems.

I had to uninstall CIS5 and go back to CIS4 to fix the problem.

A web search said it was a bug between CIS 5 and Firefox ( trying to auto clear its cache at close down ).

Any help would be appreciated.

Ray U.K.

I personally have not had such problems, but in your place I would try to add a whole folder with Firefox to Trusted Files, before launching his.


White –

I suggest your probs with the CIS 4 to 5 transition have nothing really to do with Mozilla Firefox. I too am running XP SP3 only with Internet Explorer 8.0. I have also encountered numerous and serious issues with the upgrade. Please check out this thread in the forums here:

Comodo Firewall Release 5.0.163652.1142

It could be some parts of V4 that were not completely removed. You could check out these methods to hopefully solve the problems.

Chiron –

thank you for your reply. ironically, i was using your cited instruction set and got as far as completing Step 2, the Revo Uninstaller sweep.

Here’s what happened. Something i did not bring up in related posts here.

1 I downloaded and installed the Revo Uninstaller as per instructions.
2 I started the Revo Uninstaller on the Comodo Firewall, which started the apps default uninstall.
3 I received a warning alert that uninstall could not proceed with WinAmp open, so I closed it.
4 I then received a second warning alert that uninstall could not proceed with Revo Uninstaller running.
5 I was now caught in a Catch 22 scenario, with a dog chasing its tail, closing the app doing the uninstall.
6 With a series of button clicks to ignore or whatever, i just cannot recall, completed default uninstall.
7 Did not close, but went ahead with the Revo scrub operation, which listed at least 25 items in bold.
8 I carefully elected to check mark and delete only tail-end items highlighted in bold.
9 I was then requested to reboot to complete the uninstall, which I did.
10 Upon returning to the Windows XP SP3 environment, I found I no longer had a network connection.
11 The LAN was showing connected, but none of my apps could connect with the outside world.
12 I contacted my live ATT DSL Tech Support Center, and luckily got a very savvy former Microsoft guy.
13 After close to an hour of attempted “reverse engineering” failing to solve the issue, we reverted to System Restore points.
14 Thankfully I am ■■■■ retentive about creating restore points. We had to walk back 2 of them to succeed, and only by executing the restores in Safe Mode.
15 We then did another normal uninstall of the Comodo Firewall restored by the Sys Restore using only the normal Windows Add-Remove tool in Safe Mode.
16 As it turned out the Firewall itself was blocking all TCP/IP traffic.
17 Upon reboot to normal mode all connections were restored. Phewww !
18 I turned Windows Firewall back on. Reinstalled Comodo Firewall V 4.1 successfully and flawlessly, which is where i now stand.
19 mouse offered to assist me in getting 5.0 up and running, convinced virtually all my probs could be corrected with the proper 5.0 settings. So that will be my next step.

I want to commend and thank all here for their caring an informed support. Please excuse the verbosity, but partial info doesn’t help much, so trying to document my experience as carefully as possible for whatever benefit it has to this community.

Ty again.

I too was getting unusually high CPU usage with cmdagent. Getting nearly 100% usage at times for no apparent reason, this was just happening every few minutes lasting about a minute.
I followed Chirons methods using Revo uninstaller and the clean up tool for CIS, (please note the first link is no longer active , but the mediafire link works.). I then cleaned the registry re-booting after every action.
I then re-installed CIS and everything now seems excellent. A big thanks for Chiron for your advice. It definitely worked for me. ;D

is CIS 4 avaiable for x64? CIS 5 stopped to work correctly… :cry:

I don’t think so but I might be wrong.

Before you install CIS 5/2011 uninstall CIS 4/5, clean the registries that CIS 4/5 left with CSC (comodo system cleaner). When that is done install CIS 5 (sometimes it help to install it as adim).

Tip: It is wise to run 64bit OS(operational system) only on laptops/desktops that should have 4GB ram; it makes no sense to run 64bit OS on a computer that has 4GB ram because 32bit OS can handle 4GB ram and 64bit OS needs at least 2GB ram and 32bit OS needs at lest 1GB ram.