Updated Defense+ prevents 32bit programs from running

I updated Comodo Internet Security yesterday. All was fine until I rebooted my computer (Vista 64 Home Premium.) The computer booted normally, but nothing seemed to work. Clicking on a shortcut icon did nothing. Attempting to run programs from the shell command line thing didn’t work either. Then I noticed that everything in the C:/programs/ folder as opposed to the 32bit C:/(x86)programs/ folder still worked.

As soon as I unistalled Comodo, everything returned to normal. When I downloaded and reinstalled the latest 64bit version of Comodo, nothing worked once again.

Edit: Switching to training mode did nothing. Permanently disabling Defense+ restored normal functions.

  • Version is 3.8.64739.471 ( I was on another computer when I originally wrote this)

If your running Ad-Aware AE or similar program remove it then do a clean install of CIS. Many posts of people having same issue and almost all of them were using Ad-Aware. You think by now there would be a sticky about this I have seen at least 5 new posts start because of this issue.

I just unistalled Ad-Adware and unchecked “Trust the applications digitally signed by Trusted Software Vendors” and everything seems to be working again.

That was a heck of a shock! I thought my computer was toast and that I’d have to reformat and reinstall everything…whew! (:CLP)

Glad it worked! Did you re-install CIS also?

No… but I probably will after I eat (sans comodo antivirus… which seems to think that everything is a virus)

What I meant to say in the previous post was that I had uninstalled Ad-aware just before reading your message. I saw where you (or someone) had given that advice to someone else in the forums.

Thanks by the way.

The AV is OK too, just disable the Heuristics until they sort out the False Positives.

It’s all new engines and whatnot, so like you experienced, goes off on anything where it doesn’t like the compiler used by whoever.


I had to disable permanentlly D+ for the same symptoms - Vista 64, update CIS - oops!, remove and reinstall - ooops!. Many of the starup programs won’t start, pretty much all the shortcuts won’t start. No indication anywhere in D+ that I could find that would tell me that it had taken an action.

No luck until I disabled D+ permanently and restarted.

I do have Ad-Aware and might try the suggestion.

You should of tried it first…been there done that and that was what fixed mine.

This issue should have been fixed with the latest build 477. Pleasde let me know if it did not.


no eggman… this issue WAS NOT fixed by .477 even though it claims that it is. I had to uninstall ad-aware SE for CIS to not cause problems for vista 64x at version .477

Can you please kindly let me know the exact version of Adaware you used?With other secuerity software if any please?

oh…sorry…its uninstalled so i dont know the exact version but i do know it was ad-aware SE 2008 and it was fully updated.

None of the other security software seems to cause a problem since deleting ad-aware fixed everything but I will give you the programs i run : superantispyware professional, CIS, avast! home user, spybot, malwarebytes, a-squared, spyware blaster. Again only superantispyware pro and avast are real time scanners besides CIS and they are working fine with .477

I run a Vista Home Premium 64x laptop

So to clarify on what happened, i received a notice from CIS that an update was available. I downloaded and installed the update and then restarted my comp only to find that half the programs wouldnt work when u double clicked on them. I checked CIS to see if there was another update but there wasnt one. So i did a system restore and that still didnt help. I then went into safe mode with networking and looked up the comodo forum and saw people had the same problem and they uninstalled CIS and everythign worked again. So i did that and everything worked and i saw that version .477 was supposed to fix vista x64 problems so i installed it again and the SAME problem happened. Then i read on the forum that Adaware SE could be causing it so i uninstalled Adaware (since it is really buddy anyway) and reinstalled CIS. Now i have CIS .477 working fine without Adaware. I dont know if reinstalling adaware will cause the problem again but i’m not going to try and find out.