Updated Configuration Guide Needed

As Chiron appears to no longer be active here, his last post from 2014 and guide last updated on 2015, I thought it would be a good idea to have an update of the CIS install and config guide. CIS keeps changing and sometimes bears little resemblance to outdated versions referenced here on the forum. Here is the old guide I refer to:


I can tell you that if I “Enable anti-ARP spoofing”, I can no longer access the internet with my browser. What do others think? I thought it good to have what seems like an essential guide be up to date.

Your network is probably using some sort of captive portal or using VRRP which is not compatible with anti-arp spoofing. See this post for more info.

As for the guide it really is all user preference but some of it is still relevant to newer CIS versions.

Not sure if this is what a captive portal is: “forced first web pages you have to acknowledge before the Internet works right”. If that’s it, I don’t have it.

I have heard Comodo referred to as the Swiss army knife of Software protection products. With Windows FW I almost never go a notification. Comodo is a different animal. I’d love to see not only a settings guide, but a commentary on the individual settings.

always usefull settings Comodo Firewall- The Cruelsister Variation - YouTube

Thanks Kyl. I actually have a profile setup with those cruelsister settings. And I am trying to add bittorent functionality to that. CIS is a challenge to setup. Plus, I’ve heard there are bugs (what software doesn’t have them). Weird stuff keeps coming up to keep me on my toes like: CIS blocking portions of Firefox and bittorent even though I’ve had rules in place to allow. All of a sudden, I have tens of thousands of unrecognized files. Parts of Windows OS being blocked also. My goal is to make it as bullet proof as possible with a minimum of user interaction.