Updated Comodo Firewall brings new obsessively repeating dial-up window


Of course I would prefer to allow Comodo the ability to contact the internet to check for updates, but since I have installed the new updates, my dialer is constantly trying to dial out, whether I am on the internet or not. It is extremely irritating and persistent. This happens in both versions of Windows XP which I am using, Windows XP PRO and Windows XP Home SP2. I had mistakenly come to the conclusion that this behavior was due to an update on an antivirus program I was using (bit-defender) but after uninstalling that to track down the behavior and removing all modules, I finally discovered that the only way to end this behavior was to disable Comodo’s check for update options. In short, this was not an option that I would have wanted to disable.

What’s the problem here, and is there a work-around?

Has anyone else noticed this change of behavior on their system?


H K Kitty

Hi Kitty

I don’t think this is down to CFP. Basically, CFP uses Internet Explorer’s Connection tab for all things like this, although it does not modify it. Go to Control Panel - Internet Options - Connection tab & see what you have set there. You might need to tick “Never dial a connection”.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately I seem to have confirmed with certainty that this is related to CFW as it is on 2 systems I have. After scanning to determine I had no unseen infections, and removing the other item which I thought was originally at fault, the only thing that stopped the problem the problem was unchecking the “automatic” checks for update tabs under miscellaneous/advanced tabs.*

The good side of that is that for me, I can continue to use Comodo Firewall (which I like quite a bit, and reasonably so, I would think.) It is not so hard for me to utilize the manual updating tab. I am the kind of guy that checks for antivirus updates each time I hit the web, for example, (at least! :slight_smile: ) so this will not be a problem for me. But it does seem to be a change in the way Comodo is interacting with my installations of Windows XP. And since I am one of those darn users that still connect with dial-up services I use the Windows dialer and with a lot of services it is rather a pain to have to always click an extra tab or two to get the dial-up window to show itself. This in spite of the fact that I long ago decided to leave the password off to manually add so that my computer or some unexpected maintenance person in my apartment would not find it so easy to party in my absense.

In general, although perhaps I am becoming a bit brazen in my confidence with Comodo (for I should probably be off with this current update to do a test for leaks, etc) it seems to run smoother all the time. And the way it operates seems to inspire a great deal more confidence than my long last misadventures with some other firewalls which I will politely remain nameless in this column for the time being.

Thanks for your response and if anyone else has any useful thoughts regarding this they will be welcome. Simular experiences are to be included in that arena.

H K Kitty

  • The other software, originally thought to be the culprit, was re-installed on both machines and even with it’s check for updates function turned on it is not causing this problem on either of the machines.

Hi H K Kitty

Sorry, you may have misunderstood. I wasn’t talking from the grand position of a T1 line & just guessing, I use GPRS dial-up myself. I know CFP will only initiate a dial-up session if MSIEs connection settings allow it to. It cannot do it by itself.