updated CIS and got dialogue to call 800 number


I can’t tell if this is an official message. I’m afraid it may be a phising scam. If it is you, then shame on you for using these tactics. It told me to call 888-258-7142 for a certified technician to fix my problem.

Hi william8004,
Is the attachment showing the message you received?
If yes, it is just a confirmation and offer after installation, nothing sinister. :slight_smile:
Simply click close.
CIS Premium – Installation

Kind regards.

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I can’t upload the screen shot. It is a little different. I says I don’t have anti-virus but I do. It wants me to call the number so a tech can fix it. I’ve see too many scams where malware tells the PC owner to call an 800 number and then gets ■■■■■■■.

When does this occur?
Is it only when updating the program?

I got a dialog prompt to update. I went through the process and after reboot, I had the main comodo screen come up and then another one. I will try to email a screen shot to you.

I only had one shortcut in the start menu, but when I clicked on it, the shortcut was not found. I did an uninstall and rebooted. I went to the Comodo website and did a fresh download. Now when I try launching the setup, it doesn’t run. I get a windows dialog asking me if I want to let the program run, but I never runs. I even did a right click and tried to install as an admin.

Edit: I can’t get the IM to attach a pic.

Hi william8004,
Unless you are concerned about privacy or it contains confidential content, you can right click the image file and send it to a zipped folder which can then be attached to a Forum post.

In regards to a failed re-install, the following topic might help.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

Edit: Apologies, I totally forgot about the welcome on startup screen (Screenshot).
This can be disabled under the user interface in the general advanced settings.
Customize User Interface-Comodo Help

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Hi !

Is it this message: “Call +1 888-258 7142 for a certified technician to fix this problem for you” ?

I also get that every time i start Comodo (GUI).
Very annoying, I don´t need any help from a “technician”.
There should be an option to turn that off…

There’s always been some informative / welcome panel that appears after initial installation. Just tick the box to not display anymore and it goes away.


Click on the GeekBuddy pop-up and it goes away. It may come back at some time and just click on it and it goes away again. Certain alerts may instigate it to appear in the main UI panel also; click on it an it’ll go away.

I haven’t seen the thing in ages.

Yes, there have been a “welcoming message” before.
But no “balloon” like this.
As I already said above: It shows every time I start Comodo, which is very annoying.
I have Comodo firewall configured exactly as I want it, I don´t need a stupid message telling me to call a technician for help.
All such unwanted popups / balloons are spam…