Updated application notification


I used to run ZoneAlarm which gave me a notification as soon as I re-ran an internet-application after having updated it. It seemed to recognize the fact that the executable hade been modified.

Now I use Comodo which doesn’t seem to give this warning and I’m wondering why that is? It feels potentially unsafe!


If you’re running Comodo with Defense+ enabled, there is usually no way an untrusted application can replace another application’s executable without triggering an alert (because executables belong in Protected Files group, and untrusted applications are not permitted to operate on them without you knowing). So it’s not really unsafe. Some would say that being alerted before the executable is replaced is more safe than being alerted after that happened.

MaratR is completely correct. This depends on Defense+ - if you have it enabled you should have been alerted already when the update took place, not later when the connection attempt took place.


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