[UPDATED!]3.9.x.509 manage configs issue

If you delete an existing config and your currently active config was lower in that list than the one you deleted, your active config will be disabled. This is NOT a GUI bug. I have no idea which config is left on.


Internet Security
Proactive Security
My Config - Active
Optimum Security

Let’s say you delete Proactive or Internet Security. Once “My Config” is moved up it is DEACTIVATED. No config is left active. Closing and reopening the window confirms this is not a bug. It actually is left off.

Had you deleted Optimum Security, which leaves My Config in place, nothing of the sort would have happened.

well known… https://forums.comodo.com/beta_corner_cis/comodo_internet_security_3975615498_rc2_bug_reports-t38617.0.html;msg278612#msg278612

still happens. sorry. :wink:

Glad to know it’s… known. XD It’s no biggie but I thought it hadn’t been noticed.