I have just updated to the latest version and I no longer have traffic showing on the system tray icon or any inbound or outbound connections showing but the firewall seems to be functioning ok.

Show traffic animation in tray is a Firewall Behavior setting.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I know about that one and it is checked.

There is also the issue of no inbound or outbound connections showing.

I think this is looking like a fresh install - which is no big deal - just all the re configuring is such a pain. It is a clean uninstall first that makes me a bit twitchy; any remnants can be quite problematical in CIS

What version did you update from?

Hopefully you had exported your configuration prior to updating the version. Even if didn’t, and you re-install, export the configuration you have now anyways; you can pull that back into a clean install.

I’m not sure what version I updated from - most likely a 6 series; and no, I didn’t export the configuration file first - such is life! I did two machines at the same time and my main machine went without a hitch. I can’t really use the config. file from this machine as they are configured differently.

I will clean out as best I can and re-install - re-configuring is a bit of a faff but no big deal.