I’m currently using Comodo Cis 3.14.130099.587 firewall with D+(paranoid mode),and Avast av free on Windows 7 32 bit.I also image my system to an external drive on a regular basis…Do I really need to update Cis?

3.14 is an extremely old version…

Yes it is old for sure.The reason I use it is because I don’t like sandboxing or anything like it…My question is will the firewall and D+ protect as well as the newer versions?

That’s a bit like asking if Windows 98 will protect you as well as Windows XP…

You’re using a version that has missed out on over 5 years of bug and exploit fixes! No, I don’t think the firewall and D+ in the version you’re using will protect you as well as the more recent versions.

If you don’t like the sandbox, you can turn it off.


Sure, but it still protecting me much better than any version that came after that

You cannot compare apples & oranges like that, sorry, man.

Yes it will
Can you name “many” substantial (stressing) improvements in fierwall & D+ areas since then?

… except a big step backwards – “default allow” for outgoing connections ???
Use Windows firewall then :slight_smile:

Still that will not be the same … :wink:


As you can see from my signature – that is the version I am using on win 32 & win x64 … except – not seeing a need for “paranoid mode” as you sated.
Then, different AV… Well Avast, especially if you are using the latest one is more than fine.
I just prefer Emsisoft since exceptional detection rate for ages already and a real Behavioural Blocker compare to what is not yet developed by Comodo at all
Comodo’s AV cannot be considered being even close to any of those mentioned AVs
As for the sandbox(ing) I can understand you
… but occasionally I’m using Sandboxie. Re: Comodo’s one – no way! - leaking nothing & only troubles.


Seemed like a very apt comparison to me…

No, I’m not going to go through the list for you. 88)

The concerning thing is the exploit fixes. By exploit I mean malware that has been able to bypass D+. And no, I’m not going to go through and list those either.

It’s completely up to you if you want to run such an old version, but please don’t fool yourself into believing you’re more secure by doing so.

It’s easy enough to change the default configuration. And unlike the Windows firewall you mention, only safe applications are allowed out. You will still get outgoing alerts for unknowns. And again, if you don’t like the default behavior, change it. :wink:

Thanks everyone for your replies.For now I’ll retain my current setup and try a later version of cis to see how I like it.

Again thanks for your advice