Hello, I installed CIS on my home computer which has dial-up internet, I have access to DSL at work and was wanting to download updates from the DSL to take to other PC, is this possible? thanks

The way to go is to copy the bases.cav first. Then start the other computer in Safe Mode and then replace the bases.cav. To be on the safe side of things rename the bases.cav on the other computer to bases.cav.bak before you replace it.

Ok, I see, Thanks, Do you happen to have a copy of bases.cav I can download to update for now? thanks

I cannot copy the bases.cav to a web site right now using my browser. I will mess up the online game experience of one of my house mates. :smiley:

OK, Thanks anyway. I have a different antivirus installed on work computer so I will look at other options, Thanks for all your help