Update will not work

I know I have the most recent version of comodo back up, but I tried updating it anyways and get the following error: “one of the passed string parameters is empty!”

Id like to get it working so when there is an update I can actually get it with the update feature like its intended.

Yes, I did try uninstalling and reinstalling it.


Hi schwartr

I don’t think the update feature is working. I get absolutely nothing when I click on “check for updates”. Hope they get it working. In the meantime they always announce an update on the forums and when they do this feature will probably be repaired.



When you start Comodo Backup, you will see a small Backup icon appear in your system tray. When you check for updates, you should see a second similar icon appear in the system tray. This is the Backup agent running. If there are no updates, the icon simply checks and then vanishes.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen, never noticed that before ;D