Update Version (Hotfix) proposed again and hangs

This morning CIS warned me that there was an update.
Before installing it I looked at "what’s new’.
The last entry there was Version (Hotfix) which I already installed on 12/2
I started the update anyway.
It kept going on all afternoon and stayed on 45% -the green bar was moving.
I tried stopping the update task with task manager - that did not help.
I finaly restarted the laptop and Updating had stopped.
I also checked if there were updates available - there weren’t any.

This is secure shopping update. As for updates installation - it seems they were successfully installed. It would be great if you could provide CIS logs to find out the reason for UI stucked. Could you please check your Inbox for private message and provide the requested logs for further investigation.

Done - sent by PM - hope you received it

Thank you for providing the requested logs. Developers are working On it.