Update ver 2.4 to3.0

Update ver 2.4 to 3.0 whats the difference

3.0 has got HIPS, uses less resources and also works on Vista. (but not W2K)


Also has more bugs…

But Comodo’s doing a great job of fixing them at a quick pace :wink:

Let’s put it another way:

2.4.x.x - Version 2.x has been worked for a while
3.0.18.x - Version 3 is still young. That coupled with the fact that it’s more sophisticated and has the potential to be 2 products in one (HIPS and Firewall). It’s obvious that the bug quantity is higher.

I have a policy … never install ver x.0 version of any software, wait for ver x.1. I’m sticking with ver 2.4 until ver 3.1 comes out.