Update to v40.1.1.18 broken by latest update

Performed in-place update, i.e., chose ‘download’ in the update-bar and selected ‘restart now’ whereupon the pop-up indicated ‘update failed’. Subsequent launch of IceDragon display pop-up: failed to load XPCOM.


I have current full profile backed up with FEBE - so not all is lost - but thought I’d share my experience. Furthermore, its been my experience that on my x386 system icedragon_update fails immediately at install time but the browser does seem to install. Its failing due to either SSE2+, or x64 code, implementation. I believe - not certain - that this issue is particular to IceDragon; Firefox install does not manifest this issue.


After downloading v42.0.0.5 from MajorGeeks - version offered at CID web-site is actually v40.1.1.18 - installer failed w/ Error opening file for writing: E:\IceDragon\freebl3.dll


After terminating current sessions - two windows, one having 390 tabs open - install completed successfully. Albeit, the ‘browse to new location’ is horked - as it was in the previous version - necessitating manually paste path-name; no file-open dialogue presented.

On initial restart it complained that LavaFox v2.2.3.8 is incompatible, clicking check for update it proceeded to download LavaFox v2.2.3.9 and then did RestoreSession. Both windows were successfully restored, but the default appearance theme was enabled. That in itself is an improvement as the default theme was detailed to be incompatible with IceDragon v40.1.1.18 and so was disabled.

After enabling LavaFox and restarting, I’m back to where I was with v40.1.1.18. That includes custom styles implemented with Stylish to work with LavaFox v2.2.3.8 and custom personal toolbar which was implemented to be the container for the search-bar. That’s been migrated foward in the profile since before that was deprecated. I KNOW its working becuase I have styles implemented that target specifically the custom personal toolbar and the Bookmarks Toolbar (which I auto-hide and have custom theme implemented for individual bookmark icons on mouse-over, not to mention custom background for all drop-down menu and mouseover font changes, et ali)


The problem child with missing custom personal toolbar appears to be the XULSTORE.JSON I saved a copy of that prior to upgrading to the version where the add custom toolbar is no longer an option. Then I overwrote the existing file with the copy after closing the browser no longer supporting it. Launching new sessions restores the toolbar and for susequent session also.

The only quirk is that sometimes one window will have the toolbar, but other(s) might not. That’s easily fixed by closing the window w/ out the toolbar and then opening recently closed window in history and the previous session window - w/ custom toolbar - is restored pretty much in perpetuity. If ever all windows open w/ out the toolbar, restoring the XULSTORE.JSON_copy - overwriting XULSTORE.JSON - restores it again.

So far I’m pretty much golden with on Win2003 R2