Update to Java, now Comodo sandboxes stock streaming and will not allow to run

Java updated to a new version 7.55 today. Then when I run my usual stock streaming Comodo wants to sandbox it. I clicked in the dialog box to allow and it will not run. I exit Comodo completely and it will run. What to do?

Seems to have fixed itself overnight. Could not get Scottrade streaming quotes, a Java based program, to run with Comodo yesterday.

Today, it works fine. 88)

It sandboxed a Java component. Move the unrecognized file to trusted files manually.

See this URL for how I’ve configured CIS to accomodate Java:


Thanks WxMan1 and EricJH, very helpful! Now I know what’s going on.

That other Java-related thread linked to was informative.

The Comodo database gets updated, is that why it worked fine today? I have Comodo set to download any database updates first thing in the morning when I start up the computer.

That makes sense. When the AV def DB updates, files that are unrecognized and have been submitted to the cloud that are determined not malicious get auto-moved to ‘trusted files’ list.

You can always beat that process to the punch - if you’re biting at the chomp - move whatever file manually. Or do a scanner rating thing that Eric mentioned.

Works good; last long time.