Update to CIS 10

Hi guys, Today I got a notice for an update to CIS 10. Would it be better to uninstall and run the clean up tool and install CIS 10 or will the update do it all properly. Running Windows 7 CIS 8.4, Thanks for your help.

For best results you should un-install and if you want run the clean-up tool then install but doing an in place upgrade should be fine, I also do a clean install though.

Warning about this update!

Spent over one hour recovering from this update on Windows 7 64bit. Windows failed to start upon reboot, gave me a blank desktop, and the windows logs are full of errors of this type…

“Event provider CisWmi attempted to register query “SELECT * FROM CisEvent” whose target class “CisEvent” in //./root/cis namespace does not exist. The query will be ignored.”

Application ‘C:\Windows\System32\dwm.exe’ (pid 1664) cannot be restarted - Application SID does not match Conductor SID"

I had to uninstall comodo to resolve this issue so I’ll either look for a replacement or wait until the problem is ID’ed but this latest version update trashed my Windows 7. If you are going to try it I would suggest a CLEAN install as updating through the program caused my issues.

I’m sorry you had this issue but others have done so with previous version 10 releases and didn’t have this problem, but yes it is generally a better idea to do a clean install between major versions.

I wrote a separate thread here regarding my problems with this update, https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/latest-update-messed-up-oss-environment-t118721.0.html. I probably could have fixed my OS after some work but after a reasonable amount of time, I just used an OS backup from yesterday.

It may work well for you but I suggest you backup your OS drive first just in case.


I did see your post but I was able to recover enough to remove Comodo. I’m now searching for a Cleanup tool as all the tools that I found so far here on the forums are from a 2010 post so if anyone knows of a tool that works on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with the current version it installed shoot me a link. I want to make sure everything is removed if I attempt another install.

I feel naked without a firewall…lol

You can still use that removal tool with no problems and you can use this one too Comodo Forum

Thanks futurtech.

Already used those but files, folders, registry entries still remain. Was trying to avoid doing it manually.

Had almost exactly the same problem that Microbell reports in his/her post.
It is a user-unfriendly way to update the software.

I know this may sound dumb, but have you run that batch file in an elevated command prompt?

To do that, type “cmd” in the run menu, right-click it, and select “Run as Administrator.” Then, drag the batch file onto the command prompt and run it.

It’s best to do operations like that in an elevated command prompt.

Do not update from the application, it will break everything

Hi Future Tech, What command do you type to run your clean up tool? Never ran a clean up tool like this.Thanks

Yes I did. It’s not an administrator command issue but a tool issue as it’s outdated and does not target the correct locations. Some stuff (like the service and driver files) it does find and remove but it leaves a boatload of files and registry entries.

My guess would be that after looking through the BAT file some of these registry entries are not listed although there are quite a few that are. So it does remove most of it…but leaves a good bit also. Still a useful tool.

Edit: To remove the comodo folder there is a service that must be disabled and removed as you can’t get access to remove it.

The service shows as “isesrv” in services and loads as a PID. You’ll need to disable the service, remove it’s startup entry under “Windows Startup Task” (won’t show in task manager or as a running process but it’s being loaded as a task) and then use the SC command to delete the service from command prompt.

You can then delete the Comodo folder in Program files.

[at]4putt. For that tool he posted in the link I used option 2 as it still stops the main service and removes it while cleaning up some of the leftovers but there will another service (see above) that it miss’s and will need to be removed manually along with it’s folders and registry entries.

The update to CIS10 went OK. except it now takes 5 minutes to boot up each time. Strange I unchecked to load Dragon and geek buddy,but it loaded anyway. I uninstalled. I see there’s a Comodo internet security essentials. Is that part of CIS 10 or a stand alone product? Doesn’t show in all programs or any icon but is in the control panel programs to be able to uninstall. Thanks


I think the Comodo internet security essentials is just part of the software that’s supposed to check for trusted SSL certificates. I’m not sure it can be disabled or uninstalled without effecting other services of comodo but the help page says it can be uninstalled through add/remove programs. For myself there is no way I would tolerate a 5 minute boot up cycle for a firewall.

After reviewing my logs this looks like a bug in comodo that has issues with process access which is creating the slow boot up times as I have many errors across several process that contain this line

“Application SID does not match Conductor SID”

All related to Comodo trying to ID and permit the access? Not sure…but I’m still currently looking for a replacement until this gets fixed or going back to version 8 if I can find a full install file (not the web file).
While others might not be having this issue there are enough posts on the forum about this type of problem to give pause that something is amiss.