Update to CIS Windows 7 startup problems

3 Days ago I installed the CIS update. After reboot my Windows 7 took 15 minutes to complete startup (after clicking the user icon). The next days: the same problem. I rolled back my Windows installation to the point just before this CIS update, and Windows boots nice and quick.

Is this a known problem?

Services Windows update leaves the computer slow;
constant updates too;
Cis consumes disk at startup on two separate PCs connected or not to the internet (windows 10);

shared setting of CIS?

NOTE: click in windows + r open execute > services.msc > disable windows update;
User windows 10 disable Superfetch and sysmain (startup fast)

Windows update is disabled

What do you mean by that?

Was already disabled

disable service superfetch slow startup windows.

Settings can interfere with, lock … the system. But this should not be your case

NOTE devs: processes, services are booted with windows (many of them are not required for system loading and only slows down the system);
werfault… wermgr slowdown system… communicate this to microsoft

Uninstall and install Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6710

Thanks, I try this.
For now it seems be the solution!