update to 30 caused webpage issues

I updated Dragon to 30 today. I am running win 7 64 bit.

Now web page - http://www.shawconnect.ca/ - displays but no links work unless right click and open in new tab.
Numerous gadgets on http://www.ighome.com/ stopped working (e.g. quotes and date/time)

Dragon browser did not have these issues till I updated to 30.

Chrome browser (32) does not have these issues. Opera Next 18 does not have these issues.

Hi and welcome rjda11,
I found that by adding shawconnect.ca to PrivDogs exceptions list solves the first mentioned issue on my system.

Adding ighome.com to PrivDogs exception list may solve your second issue, although I cannot see the issue here.
Do you require to be logged in to see this issue?

Kind regards.

Thank you! That fixed the issues. (Yes, logged into ighome)

Glad that helped, thanks for letting us know. :-TU
I have created a PrivDog bug report here in regards to this issue.