Update to 3.8 . . .

I DLed and attempted to execute v. 3.8 . . . to update from v. 3.5 . . . . However, the installer reports that CIS is already installed and gives me the option of uninstalling or add/remove components. Does this mean that, after all of its “learning,” I have to entirely uninstall v. 3.5 before I can install v. 3.8? Also, when I check for updates from within CIS I am told there are none available; I assume updates refers to virus definitions.

You should be able to upgrade from 3.5 to 3.8 without executin the 3.8 installer: Miscellaneous | Check For Updates.

If it doesn’t work you may have to uninstall 3.5 and then install 3.8 with the installer.