Update to 3.13.125300.577

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I have just received an update to 3.13.125300.577
I can`t not update it. shit >:(

Yep, I’m also having a problem to update CIS (Error 108…). My internet works fine… guess this is a problem at Comodo’s end… no biggie, I will try later !

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For those of you that can not get the update be happy… Both my computers are updated to 577… I tried running the virus scan on one pc and the pc totally froze and became non responsive… I could not stop the scan and had to force a shut down… I can not understand how comodo can allow an update like this make it to the general population… They need to test these updates before sending them out… I like comodo but come on guys you should be able to do better than this… ??? ???

I did not get a notice of an update and after reading this thread, I’m glad I didn’t. I’m getting closer to jumping ship every day in favor of the PCTools Firewall and MSE.

yeah scan is not working now for me after updating it.

Same for me with the virus scan. I have restored to before the update with Comodo Time Machine.

Even after hard shutdown upon restart the computer was still not responding… Comodo it would be nice to have an answer to why updates like this are made public… I will say hats off to CTM… I restored both pcs back to version 574… CTM worked like a charm… ;D

Update and scan working fine for me!

I did the update and now I can not update DB from 3341 to 3342.
It works OK but at the very end, it says:

Update failed.
Please check your internet connection

(something similar, as I use Estonian version)

Although first update required restart. I did it. Then I checked version and it was the same (.574?)
Then I ran manual update and after another restart, it is showing .577

You and 28294 others

I just received an update notice that rolled me back from 577 to 574 what is going on? 577 was working fine for me.

Comodo software updates have never worked well.

Probably there was some critical bug noticed after pubic release so they withdraw the update. You’re lucky that you were not affected before that happened.

I tried PC Tools Firewall Plus for a few weeks and I must say it is very unstable when it comes to .NET applications. Many times when I launched .NET application it completely locked up my PC. Also, their GUI does not fully support 120 DPI, so alerts are cut off and there is a lot of glitches in main window if one uses high resolution.
On the other hand, I agree that Comodo should put more effort into making sure that even a minor CIS update is reliable before making in public. Current Comodo’s approach to that matter definitely does not ‘create trust online’.

I don’t even have .NET installed in any form so that would not be a problem for me. My resolution is 1280 X 800 so again–no problems.

Unfortunately this sentiment is expressed every time they botch a release. It doesn’t seem to do any good… :frowning:

I think they’ve had, what, 2 releases this last year that weren’t messed up? Not doing a lot to inspire confidence here guys. People being afraid to update their ‘security’ software isn’t a position you want to be in Comodo.

Now I guess we just wait for yet another post from Melih saying they’ve put procedures in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again… 88)

It’s sloppy no doubt, but it doesn’t really bother me. I’ve learned to not update until a few days after release. But for “noob” users, it’s not a good thing for sure.

I have set comodo not to update automatically. That way i update comodo when i am confident the update is good.

Updated once more (rollback) and now everything is OK (See my previous post in this thread)

Classic ^ Then again what can he do apart from saying that?