update to 3.11.108364.552 install interrupted error - what to do?

Got a COMODO program version update notice on my PC today Sept 16 and during INSTALL it gave an error (didn’t note error #) after it had reached about 33% done saying that the internet connection (SBC AT&T broadband -slowest service) was interrupted although I still had my router? lights all green. I am not on a shared network - just a single home PC using wireless.

I tried to use the check for updates but it NOW says no new updates and ABOUT says I have version 3.11.108364.552. Does the updater change the version # prior to the update/install being completed?

I’m using Comodo FW and Avast AV on Windows XP Home Ed. SP3.
The Comodo FW appears to be working but I don’t know if I’m truly up to date and protected and if not how to uninstall if necessary and still be protected doing that and reinstalling?

I’m not knowledgeable on usage or inspecting Windows or Comodo logs or results so clear, detailed enough steps would be helpful.

Is this the right board to report/ask for help?

Hi scout-n-shout, welcome to the forums.

It’s not a problem, the update that you first saw was temporarily pulled due to problems. Once it’s fixed it will be released again & then you’ll be able to see it.