Update to 17.304 - more UAC problems

I have finally updated to 17.304 but only after a lot of hard work. I thought I would be clever and do “run as administrator” to allow it to update (on Vista with UAC on). This worked but every time I ran the new version it asked me if I wanted to keep my old settings. I then tried importing my saved settings but this lost all my settings. It looks like the new version does not understand the settings saved from the old version. I then tried a fresh install of 17.304 but it still would not take my saved settings. I then had to completely uninstall the new version and turn off UAC. I installed 16.295 and imported my saved settings. I then upgraded again (still with UAC off) and this time it worked and I was able to keep my old settings.

PLEASE, PLEASE can CPF be fixed to work with UAC turned on. Bad programming like this encourages users to turn off the security Windows provides and has contributed to the general security problems in Windows. It is not good for a security program to encourage insecurity.