Update to 17.3 does not install

Downoaded, yes, but installation did not occur.

Attempt to update from version 17.2 to 17.3 did not work. No installation happened, and no installer appeared.

Message in gold band at top of browser said, “new version available”, and button for Download.
I chose to download, and DragonSetup.exe downloaded.
Message in gold band at top of browser said, “Relaunch and Install” button, so I clicked button.
Comodo Dragon closed, and only desktop was on display. Nothing else happened.
I waited.
Nothing else happened.

After several minutes, I decided to check in Comodo Dragon, so I opened Comodo Dragon.
Again, the message in a gold band at top of browser said, “A new version of Comodo Dragon is
available”, and the buttons, “Download” and “Cancel”. I chose the Download button again.
Comodo Dragon downloaded the file.
Again as before, gold banded message showed “Relaunch and Install” button, so I clicked it.
Comodo Dragon closed and just desktop was on display.
I waited.
Nothing else happened.

Trying to upgrade from version 17.2 to the NEW version 17.3. Maybe a bug,
maybe not and I just need help.

current version 17.2 installation path is the typical default on the C drive.
Windows XP service pack 3.
No special user account nor password.
Default Download location for downloading through Comodo Dragon is the typical default,
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local settings\Temp\Dragon27312\Dragonsetup.exe
Extensions Present: CraigsPreviewer 1.0, Mailto 1.19.2, WOT 1.2.11

Note that I had no trouble with version 16.1, 17.0, 17.1, 17.2. The updates were all done through the program (except for the initial installer of about a month ago, at version 16.1, middle of january this year.)


Try updating manually by downloading Comodo Dragon 17.3 from this link.

Thank you.

Before I try that, let me ask:
Do I simply download from the link you gave and run that installer without first uninstalling my version 17.2?
Also, from the two downloads from yesterday, there are two copies I found of DragonSetup.exe in my default downloads directory, each of them in their own separate folder within the downloads directory. Are they, in fact, GOOD installers, and should I be able to simply run one of THEM instead of doing a fresh download from the link you gave?

That worked perfectly. About 6 to 7 minute installation session. Install was done directly over version 17.1 without first uninstalling 17.1.

I downloaded the latest installer [] and it says its unpacking then nothing happens.
I re-downloaded and tried again and the same results

What could the problem be? ???

The problem could be that your installation file is corrupted.
Please check that the file has correct size: 26,688,080 bytes.
MD5 checksum: 1E4C722A7FEE72AE0F27B2317BA384AF.


Yeah the numbers on the download page dont match what you say.
But the download size looks right,I’ll post a hash number if it ever finishes the download…going on ten minutes now sheesh. ???