Update This Week?

Does anybody have any thoughts about an update this Week?

Nobody of the comodo crew able to write yes or no?

Well, they don’t need it…just stay alive and you will notice if there is an update :wink:

I assume I will not be alive when update is releaded (year 2050).

Around Xmas Hopefully. This is where ThreatCast will be integrated, and hopefully the full Comodo Memory Firewall as well, with the bug fixes and improvements.


This update will not include BoClean nor Heuristics? Those will be later in 2009, right?

BOClean should come in the next update too… & Heuristics? Don’t have full details on that. Melih said soon, so hopefully next update will include CIMA like heuristics too!


That’s quite a lot tolook forward to

Yes, thank you.

X Mass time will be sweet as there may also be a alpha build of Opera 10 (my browser of choice). You are an ambitious lot there at the Comodo labs… mucho kudos to y’all… (B) (J)

Hi Josh, hoping for a killer update (Threatcast reintegrated) on Monday 22 Dec/08 (target date)
for Christmas!!! ;D
Regards :■■■■