Update task did not find updates

Hello to all!
I’m writing because I right now see this behaviour too many times happening and I think there is something wrong somewhere.
I have two desktop PCs and two laptops, all with Comodo Firewall 11 (and all with windows 10 build 1809 64 bit)
I use SUMo software to check if any program installed has an update released or not, so, when Comodo release a CIS update, I know it in this way
No, I stop to use the Auto-update inside CIS, due to many troubles in the past, everytime I know there is an update I want to make a disk image (Acronis True Image) before doing any Comodo update, just in case… 8)
So back to the issue:
with all these computers, anytime there is a CIS update, on three of them is discovered by the Comodo Update function (activated manually) and installed, the last computer instead give me the response “the software is updated” when I already know that is not true!
Everytime this issue happen on that PC (not always on the same computer, it’s random), I have to Save the configuration, Uninstall manually the CIS, download the latest installer from Comodo web site, install the latest version and, finally, Import and activate the config previously saved
So, now just happen and I ran the Diagnostic tool inside the CIS, the response is “Too many troubles to fix, impossible to proceed” (translation based on my mind, my CIS is not in English) and I saved the report, here attached
I hope this report will help to understand whats going on!
Thanks in advance

Update: one laptop report updates avaiable, done, restart and CIS still report the version To get the CIS reporting the right version I have to fully uninstall it and install it back with the latest installer downloaded. No other way

Can you check the Tasks logs and see what it reports after you ran the program updater?

Did you change the Proxy and Host settings or the Hosts file to the beta server?

Using SUMO can sometimes be misleading because when it finds a beta version on other people’s computers it will assume there is newer build and will report it to the wider audience.

I checked with my Netbook which has 6744 installed and 6802 is not available on the program updater yet. It is only available as installer. The download link of the release topic of 6744 is providing 6802 already.

We have to wait for 6802 to become available through the program updater.

Hi Eric and thanks for your answer
In the task log I can found just the action done, nothing more
The CIS settings for the updates are all disabled, I run the update manually, the PC’s network settings are never changed
I know the SUMo limits, also if the beta versions check box is disabled, it show them anyway, it’s a bug never fixed
You’re right, maybe the CIS update through the Update feature comes in delay, I have to wait so, I suppose, the log I attached in my previous post is not related to the update “issue”
Thanks a lot for your time

Comodo is acting scattered. The installer for 6802 is available but there is no release topic nor is the new build available on the program updater. :-\