Update stalls at cmdagent

So, this has been going on for weeks. I get the notice to update (ver5.5) and it gets to cmdagent and nothing happens after that. The updates is using 5%cpu, but absolutely no network packets.
I don’t see this problem using search and I don’t see it on the last few pages. I have done several google searches over the weeks to see if I could find a solution. Nada. Added the downloadS server to the download list and put it on top. No difference.
So I have uninstalled. A shame really I liked the product, but apparently, it has become far too complicated and fiddly to support.
I will check back for a couple of days to see if there is a straightforward solution before moving on.

Actually, you’ve probably already solved your problem.

My advice would have been to uninstall your version, then run this tool, and then install the newest version. That very likely will work perfectly fine.

If it doesn’t then please let us know and we’ll figure out what’s going on and get it working again.