Update stalling with Error 109 [RESOLVED]

Hi. Trying to update from to but I get to 19% and the download stalls, eventually returning error 109.

This is happening on 2 Vista SP1 machines and a WinXP SP3 machine, all 32 bit.

Is this an issue with my ISP, or Comodo’s server? Or is it some other problem?
The last update went on with no problems.

Any ideas?


I am running Windows XP SP3, I believe it is a problem on your end.

I updated smoothly to 3.0.25. Maybe try again tomorrow or later, Or do a clean install if the problem persists.


I can’t see how it is a problem on my machines, as they are all behaving the same way.
Surely they wouldn’t all have a similar problem? And why 19%?
I suppose it could be my ISP dropping the connection for some reason.

Well, It’s odd Since we both have XP SP3 32bit.

Is your Internet Connection OK?


I will add to 3 and say 5 machines running XP Sp3 have no problems updating Comodo.

My internet connection is fine, other than this issue.
I can download the full version of Comodo without problems, but having to update this way is a total pain, uninstall, reboot, install, reboot. I prefer to try to get the update feature working.

As I’m on 32bit VIsta & XP, and the update contains only fixes for 64bit, I can wait.
It’s just weird why it gets to 19% then fails on all 3 machines.
I have tried forwarding all ports through my router, and disabling all protection (Block Anonymous Internet Requests, Filter IDENT Port etc.) but the problem remains.

Where does Comodo store the temporary update files as it is downloading them? Perhaps I could delete anything that it has started to download, and try again with a “clean slate” so to speak.

Try using CClenaer and empty out your temp folders then reboot. I just uninstalled and reinstall Comodo on my other machine and it took 5 minutes from start to finish.

I’ll have a look at my Temp folders, thanks.

Okay, after a little digging, I’ve found the location of the downloaded update files,
C:\Users<MY ACCOUNT>\AppData\Roaming\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\TempFiles if anyone is interested.
I found two files, cfp.exe and cfpupdat.exe, so I deleted both of them.

Tried updating again, and this time it got to 32%. Retried same procedure and got the same result.

After a little more digging, I found that the two sites the updater is trying to connect to are download.comodo.com and eu3.download.comodo.com. Tried downloading files using various browsers, and found that every time cfpupdat.exe stalls at 1.69MB of 1.98MB. So this file seems to be the cause of the stalling update, but not sure why.

Either way the problem appears to be between my ISP & Comodo. My ISP used to use transparent proxy servers, and although I was led to believe this is no longer the case, maybe they still do and the file hasn’t been refreshed.
I’ll continue to dig!

Okay, problem is definitely with my ISP. Managed to connect with an old dial-up account I keep with another ISP on my laptop and managed to download the cfpupdat.exe file without problems (although very slowly via dialup!).

Thanks everyone. I’ll now follow this up with my ISP.

Managed to find a work-around, mainly to prove it was my ISP. In all, 3 files were not downloading completely, cfpupdat.exe, cfpsbmit.exe and cfplogvw.exe.

Downloaded these files manually through a web-based proxy server, and the update worked.

So it’s definitely my ISP, Virgin Broadband (formerly NTL).

Thanks for confirming this.

Ring them up and tell them to get there but into gear 88) I also suggest you see here for Instructions for completely removing CFP 3 if other serious problem arise. Or download the batch file (easier & more effective).

I will now close this thread. If you need this thread reopened PM a mod with a link to it.