Update stall

BOClean can stall on updating with no visible signs that it has done so.
The connection has been open for some time now as I write. The BOC423.XVU file is sitting in my TEMP folder (ready to be copied to the proper folder presumably when the updating is finished) and I cannot right-click on the taskbar icon to get it to quit or do anything.

Needless to say, the icon doesn’t flash every 10 secs and so doesn’t appear active.

This is a serious issue in my mind because the program can be sitting there doing nothing, providing no protection, with no indication to the user that this is so. Most users wouldn’t notice the BOC423.XVU files in the TEMP folder nor the fact the icon isn’t flashing.

The only thing I could do is end the process in Task Manager.

I had an aborted update yesterday as well. Is this a Server problem at your end?

If I have to keep an eye on it every day, this isn’t a promising start…


It has not been for me… updates have been smooth and painless…

So I don’t see how it could be a server problem… Do you run behind a proxy?

… or are you running any HIPS software that may be blocking certain actions by BOClean processes?

After having Allowed total access to my pc in the network control rules for Boclean in/out, I still get a “boclean no update warning” about 10 minutes later. I had even changed some things in the router firewall but there was still one outgoing connection that wouldnt go through unless i set the rt. firewall on “low”. Packet Details

Source IP: 192.168.**. * Destination IP:
Protocol: TCP
Source Port: 2639 Destination Port: 37015
TCP Flags: 02 ( syn )

the range of ports is very wide… advice ?

I don’t really want to open up alot of diff. things in the firewall so I’ll probably just get them manually.

Hey Ehgreg can you give me some more info on I see that ip in my firewall log all the time!

It looks like somethings calling out if i’m not mistaken? and if so do you know what application is doing that???
Host unreachable - ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc. 1333 North Stemmons Freeway Suite 110 Dallas TX 75207 US Technical Support +1-214-782-7800 admins@theplanet.com


NS1.THEPLANET.COM NS2.THEPLANET.COM NETBLK-THEPLANET-BLK-14 Created: 2006-02-17 Updated: 2007-01-19 Source: whois.arin.net

Thanks for the info sullo! I know who they are but what i don’t know is why CPF keeps on blocking TCP incoming communication on port 113 from them( and or why would they be trying to establish communications on port 113 with me it makes no sense?

Well I know you need to allow that if you want to receive the updates automatically… Anyhooo I just think its so awsome that im the only one that had problems updating because of my router firewall. :THNK

So you are saying that the ip address belongs to BoClean??? and even so if it does how come CPF keeps blocking an incoming communication from port 113! Can anyone explain this please?

I guess it’s possible that COMODO are using ‘theplanet’ as a hosting service for updates, but we would need confirmation of that from the powers that be.

I’ve never seen this, but I always have auto-update turned off, for everything.


Update: I’ve just done a manual update of BOClean, and sure enough, it goes to ‘theplanet’ guess we have to wait for confirmation

A very interesting find Toggie! Then i guess it is true it does belong to BoClean!?

Update:It does connect to theplanet.com and as soon as i updated BoClean manually CPF blocked an incoming connection from the planet on port 113? lol oh well at least now we know its coming from the good guys and not bad ones lol Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

ThePlanet.com is on StopBadware.org’s list of top malware hosting services.


Maybe BOClean should think about using someone else :wink:

Interesting Reply about Planet hosting Malware. I wont be re-installing Bo Clean until this is made clear that updates are safe. Lets hear from the top people here!


It seems that Comodo has purchased web-hosting for updates on some of their products, from other companies (The Planet is not the only “new” source I’ve seen). I have requested confirmation on this, but have not yet heard an official response.


PS: If you have unexplained update issues, like the temp files not moving to the correct location and then being deleted, update crashes, or other weird things, Kevin would like to know about them, here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,8915.0/topicseen.html

The Planet may have a poor record in regard to having clueless users getting owned but I wouldn’t worry about that happening to CBO.
Kevin’s not new to the game and has taken things like this into account with encryption and other checks.