Update site down? - error 106

Comodo Firewall Version

Although set to auto update, I tried a manual update and got error 106 - cannot connect to internet.

My internet connection is fine. Ran diagnostics and was told that there was a problem with setup. Clicked fix and got the all clear. Re-booted.

Ran diagnostics again - all clear.

Still get error 106. Is the site down?

Me too. I get 106 also. But maybe Comodo is undergoing major website changes :SMLR.

From what I read on these forums an update is due 31/01/2007 or 01/31/2007 which makes it sometime today or tomorrow depending on your time zone.

See the thread “Possible fix for error 106…”

It seems some people have blocked a file they shouldn’t have.

However, I did eventually get the answer “No updates available”, so my problem was with a busy server.

I hope the folks at Comodo change the update window message to “Server Busy” if the internet connection is OK. Some people have probably messed up their settings trying to fix a non existent problem.

I can understand something like error 106 if the connection/file is blocked and the server doesn’t even get accessed.

Are you still living in 2007 ? 88) :o ;D :smiley:

Ok good spot my bad. Yes 2008 I meant. lol

its ok zos, i know your slow. lol just joking (L)

Rather than referring to the FAQ’s about Error 106 (after doing that about 303 times in the forum, and still failing, despite the mega merged sites), I’ll just list the possibilities:

  • Blocked CFP Updater: You blocked CFP from running the updater. Check your firewall rules
  • Blocked important process: You blocked something legit like svchost.exe from connecting out. Check your firewall rules
  • Busy server: Self-explanatory. Ah never mind. I’ll explain anyway. It means the Comodo update servers are busy or they’re under maintenance, etc. Try again later
  • IE Offline Mode: Your Internet Explorer is in Work Offline mode. Go to the File menu and uncheck the Work Offline to get rid of the checkmark (disable it)
  • No IE: You removed Internet Explorer like from nLite or something similar that strips Windows’s OS-integrated browser

Did I left anything out?