Update server selection.

I suggest this wishlist for low bandwidth user.

Some of ISP in a few country have to a bandwidth limited for foreign website and that’s really bad.

(Including my ISP too :-TD)

If the destination are far away from local it’s will be very slow connection.

I’ve seen Comodo got a parthner in other country.

Did it’s possible to locate an update servers in their country too ?

+1 :-TU

Even though I am on a luxury ADSL 2+ wide open I think we should not forget about users with less potent connection types.

And if it’s ad to next version.
It’s should have a “Speed testing” for find a fastest server near the user.

I would tend to view this slightly differently…
This could be consolidated along with the requirement for def installer files that could then be placed on multiple mirrors and would allow for /support download accelerators / resume option as also RSS / email updates.
The requirement would then be to have some script / macro tie up the whole process into a scheduled / self running app.