Update. [Resolved]

I am now using Comodo version having read Web User magazine who put Zone Alarm in fourth place in a recent test,I have read all the pages of the update thread and understand the “106 could not complete update process” is down to a busy server.
Many users are reporting its still giving the message in the early hours of the morning when you would expect it not to be so busy.
The last post was on March 21 2007 the thread was started August 8 2006 why in all that time has the issue not been sorted?
I cannot get Comodo to update and am getting the 106 message,having read the Web User report i really want to switch over permanently but if it refuses to update how can users be confident they are fully protected?

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Error 106 isn’t just busy server. It can also mean there’s a problem with the Comodo servers:
** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

[b]Update Error 106/109/10x[/b] https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,2104.0.html https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,7592.0.html https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,7956.0.html

FYI: I just tried it now without that error.

Thanks for the links , the problem is again the post saying they are looking into it is 3 months old , i have tried again and i still get the 106 message yet you can update yours. ???

The first post on this subject was August 8 2006 , how long do they need to fix the problem,its looks a great firewall but if users cannot update they are going to stop using it .

I thought it could be my routers firewall blocking it so i turned it off and i still cannot update.

It’s a timing matter (but not in the sense of the thread dates). I tried it again just now and I got the 106 error.

Router firewalls only have inbound blockage; CFP updates require outbound connections, therefore there is no relation.

I will give it a few days,i doubt it updates that often anyway,I’m guessing version 3 will be out anytime so hopefully it will be fixed.

My personal guess on CFP 3’s final version date will be a few more months (it’s not just a firewall, but includes a HIPS component, which can be a product alone by itself). However, I don’t think it would be a wise decision to update it through the updater when the next version bracket jumps that high. What I mean is it would be better to manually uninstall the 2.4 and install 3 via the official download site.

Back on topic: I can only suggest to keep trying the updater. If the error is gone you should see a message similar to “No updates are available”, which is true anyway because there hasn’t been any in a long while.

OK , thanks for your help and if i do manage to get an update or a message saying there are non i will post back in this thread to let everyone know.

Sorted, when i installed Comodo,it said uninstall any firewalls, due to the hassle i once had trying to reinstall ZA after uninstalling i decided to stop it loading at boot instead of uninstalling thinking it would be disabled.
I had forgot about this and i have now uninstalled ZA , Comodo updater is now working fine ,i am getting the message “There are no updates”



I was surprised the only problem you had with 2 software firewalls (and Zone Alarm at that :o) was the updater. 2 firewalls = a walking time bomb. Technically, you had 3 firewalls running if you count the router.

I will close this thread as resolved then