Update question

Hello there, my first post here, just have a little niggling question regarding updates.
Ok, Comodo CIS reports that it requires IE internet settings to update (Win7).
However, I reinstalled Win7 a few days ago and before I plugged in my Internet cable, I “uninstalled” IE and windows media player ect. will this make any difference to the way CIS updates?
The UI always says “currently updated” though I have never seen it update with this installation. (Before I reinstalled, it was a basic Windows install, I saw CIS update, or would update on request)

So, am I being paranoid? Is CIS updating correctly? Does the current product version include updates?

I hope you understand my query.

EDIT: I’m currently using version 5.3.181415.1273 (according to “about” if this helps)

What is the database number of the av? Look under More → About. At the moment of writing the database number is 8259.

Edit: Sorted, thanks.