Update problems. [RESOLVED]

Help, I’m having update problems with the firewall, it finish the update download and then it says… “Copying cfp.exe” then “Error copying cfp.exe” I had to go into the firewall directory to rename the cfp.exe1 to cfp.exe.
I’m running Commodo Firewall 3.+ on Windows Vista Home Basic Edition Operating System.

Hi nightly_vip & Welcome to the Forums!

Comodo Firewall’s new version ( Includes Comodo’s Memory Firewall tech to protect against BO attacks, and you need to completely reinstall in order for that new feature to take effect.

I recommend you do a uninstall, then reinstall the new version.


Ah, I see… That’s a weird process but doable and thank you for welcoming me, I appreciate your help. I can’t believe this Firewall is free along with good friendly user help.
10 out of 10 points!

No problem :slight_smile:

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