Update problems Firewall

For quite a while now I have been getting an Update available message -Do you want to update etc–but My download never completes
I am on dialup–maybe my ISP is breaking the connection–usually gets around 20-30% before disappearing
Anyone else have this problem?
And If I download a new Install …will it load on top of my old version with old settings,or do I have to register etc all over again?

OK…I went downtown and got a download file for V2.4
Now I go to install,and am told to uninstall my old version (so now I know I cannot install over the top of old version)
Cant find my old registration number so went to support to get a new one and the info there is for prior to 2.4 and says that
So my new question is…does 2.4 require a registration number,or after uninstalling 2.3 is the old registration still in registry?
Anyone ?

Good News: 2.4 and up is self-activated. ;D No need for registration codes

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