Update Problems CIS on WinXP x32 SP2 [Resolved]

Hey all,

i got a porblem with the CIS 3.5.57173.439. I use WinXP x32 SP2.

So i installed CIS. After the installation the virus-database gets updated.
I restarted my computer. Then i move to miscellaneous and click “check for updates”.
I clicked “Start”. Then i get a screen “Updates are available”. If i click “next”
nothing happens. The messsage “Updates are available…” dont appears and the
update-progress doesnt start. I got no internet traffic, nothing happens !

So i unistalled CIS some minutes ago and reinstalled it again. But there’s the
same problem.

Can somebody help me ?


Welcome to the Forum, Apophis.

CIS 3.5 is not the latest. You will have to download and do a clean install to upgrade.
CIS 3.8.xxx.477 can be found here.
CIS 3.9 beta can be found here.
The CIS 3.9 Final will be released in app. 2 weeks.

Hey John,

thx for ur welcome and thx for ur answer :wink:

Ok i will try to install this version. Lets hope that this will work :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok just updated CIS. I’ve uninstalled my old CIS 3.5.xxx and deleted the comodo folder from programs/comodo.Installation of the 3.8.xxx works fine.

It’s normal that all the previous setting get lost. But when i start an application with open a connection to the internet i dont get a proposal if i want to allow this connection or how CIS should treat this application (allow ones, allow with remeber etc.) :frowning: But new networks get displayed.

OK problem fixed :wink:

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