Update problem

Dear Comodo Team,

I succesfully installed Comodo Antivirus X64 on a Server 2008 operating system.

Database Update finished succesfully and I run the software update - there was newer version and installed it, but after reboot the system I tried checking the software update - but it sends me this error message → http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/6882/imagexck.png

And now it shows about every an hour automatically.

How to solve this?

What is this problem?

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The picture shows ,that you have downloaded the CIS5.

The best solution now will be , uninstal the version you have now on you PC.

Download a fresh instalation CIS6 from here . Important is also - after instalation just click FIX it - witch you will see on the CIS 6 interface. That will download all the update and make a quick scan - about 2 minuts. Aafter restarting the PC CIS6 is ready to work.

Server OS releases are not supported, so issues are still possible.


Thanks for the reply.

The link, you mentioned is for x32 system, and its setup doesn’t support my platform.

(:WIN) Im using win7 -64 bit and that the one downloaded on my laptop.

Its for boot 32 & 64 bit

The only problem with you PC can be that you are using XP SP1.

Older version of CIS 5 -64 bit you can find here

select version and choose 5.12

As I mentioned my operating system is Server 2008 X64, not xp or win7.

As captainsticks has already mentioned, CIS does not support the server OS’s.