Update problem

Use momentary comodo firewall version
A week ago I had an older version and got a message to update. I checked for yes and left my comp to do so without checking it. As a result there was a message that all was executed. The pop up window apeared since then in a green color and told that the system was learning without asking for confirmation. Also all kind of security allerts appeared since then and could not be removed. Also internet explorer opened and contacted a website kukkareck.com. Trying to get acces to the settings of the firewall a complete different window apeared and the contacts to comode was rederected.
I cheked the website of comodo via another pc and found no indication of the noticed changes. So the latest version of the firewall was loaded and via a usb-stick installed on the other pc. During installation I got the message that another firewall was active. The comodo installation could override this and install correctly. Via the dutch Nucia / ASO forems I could remove the trojan virus of which I think it was instlled with the fake update of the comodo firewall.
Is there more experience with this fenominum?

Rgs. Prutserke Erik :THNK