Update Problem

I thought I had successfully updated… but upon my first start after the update, the agent.exe was hogging like 90%+ of the CPU and I couldn’t do anything!

I started in safe mode and disabled the autorun as well as defense+ and the firewall itself. Rebooted regularly and started it manually in “Training Mode” and it seemed to work fine.

I’m not sure what the deal was, but it was frustrating.

Also, I’m not sure if I should make a separate topic, but Windows Firewall and Network Magic think that I am running no anti-virus, but I have Comodo AV running…

This issue has been reported and there is a temp fix somewhere on the forum.
Pls search.

Well… I successfully found the so-called ‘temp fix’ which seemed to work… but ultimately did not. But thanks anyway. Now I still have the problem. I’ve disabled the program on startup because of this problem and guess what still finds it’s way into task manager… cmdagent.exe using excessive resources! Yay!

Distributing something similar to what it’s supposed to prevent… I’d call that a paradox.

hmm… sorry about that…
i would recommend the next update which has the root cause of all this fixed. its matter of days before its out.

we are grateful for your patience ninjamunky. Thank you


Great thanks for the reply… honestly I’m sorry if I came across as kind of a dick about that… cause I was kinda writing in that mood. But thanks for the response and information. Cheers :■■■■

No worries…